Pin-heads: Mommy and Me

In life, there are some places you are more likely to encounter idiots than others. Like a Justin Beiber concert. The same is true of the internet, and Pinterest is sadly one of those highly concentrated idiot hubs. I can’t scroll a mouse without bumping into a gaggle of idiot pinners. Like the 179 people who thought this was a good idea:
Picture 1

Yes, finally! Some mommy-daughter matching that makes sense! People will appreciate how cute and coordinated you are when you are grocery shopping or dropping your daughter off at school in your underwear! These are the memories your daughter will look back on fondly…in therapy.

25 thoughts on “Pin-heads: Mommy and Me

  1. I’m a straggler wondering in but had to say that when Pinterest first came out, just the word made me think of Pinheads, pinning someone to go steady, and voo-doo dolls. Oh, and being six-years-old, watching my mother hem my new dress, holding those sharp pins in her mouth and cringing at the thought of her swallowing one. And now thanks to you, my second exposure (pun intended) to Pinterest will keep me at age six, chanting a modified childhood song. “I see London, I see France, I see my Mama’s….” Thank you for the flashback. Glad to find your blog.

  2. I have 4 children and I am never shocked at the crap I see some parents wearing when at school events or just out in public. I’m no prude, but come on parents. Some parents are a sad commentary on where our society is heading in general.

  3. I didn’t even know my parents had genitalia until I was in my teens, let alone was forced to be in direct eye-line of them or match my outfit with the clothing that covered them. Ew. And, yes those are underwear, unless your Daisy Duke or a Pole Diva. Anytime your ass cheeks can jiggle out of something it’s time to add fabric. Of course, Mathair’s been contemplating if Mommy Dearest has taken the bottom half of the kid’s pajamas.

  4. 1. Who took the photo? and 2. What was posing like? … “Okay sweetie, now hug mommy’s leg… a little higher.. a little looser… wait, can you pout just a teeny tiny bit? Oh that’s a real pout?…

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