Congrats to the Idiot of the Week Winner

Thank you to those who joined this week’s Idiot of the Week Blog Hop! This week’s winner is Jill at Universal Musings for her post on HR no-no’s, which I could totally relate to! For a good laugh check it out here.

And an honorable mention to Gabi at Gabi’s Stuff for her post on mis-spellings that really should have been caught. Check it out here.

Thanks again for joining the Blog Hop!

5 thoughts on “Congrats to the Idiot of the Week Winner

  1. I am speechless! Well, not speechless exactly because I’ve just prepared a few short words about receiving this honor. In addition to The Academy, I’d like to thank the cast of thousands of employees who, over the course of 23 years, made my post possible. The idiots and nut-cases are really the only reasons HR is even bearable. Love and kisses to my minions.

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