I’m Sorry, Is My Inability to Breathe Bothering You?

I have a cold. Or maybe it’s allergies. Either way, I have a stuffy nose, a sore throat, and a deposit of phlegm in my lungs that gargles when I breathe. You don’t have to tell me this is gross; it’s happening right here in my nose and mouth, so I’m well aware. If there was a way to make it all stop, I’d be making it happen. So what do you think you can achieve by asking me questions like, “That sound is so annoying, can you please stop coughing already?” Um, not really. I’m not doing it for fun, like I decided coughing is the new humming. I’m not doing it because I thought it would sound melodious or make me look cool. I didn’t wake up this morning and think, Hey you know what would be a good goal for today? Cough until I taste blood! See my face turning red as I choke and gasp for air? That is happening specifically because I physically cannot stop coughing. This is not a concentrated effort to bother you. I’m sure it is annoying to hear, but asking me to just stop is not a feasible solution. Try walking away instead. That would suit us both.

2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, Is My Inability to Breathe Bothering You?

  1. Maybe they would prefer it if you placed a bag over your head lol funniest thing I have read today, thanks for that :O) your obvious discomfort has cheered me up no end lol

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