Sometimes I think everyone is an idiot but me. I know that’s not actually the case, but doesn’t it feel that way sometimes? I’m sure at some point today – commuting to work, waiting in line for coffee, or combing through your inbox – someone has made you despair for the human race. It is annoying, yes, but at least it makes for a funny story.

If you’ve ever been asked if you were gay just because you were single, been told the ingredients in your own family recipe are wrong, or had to lie to avoid sharing chapstick, this blog is for you. Come commiserate over the idiots in your life and laugh at the minor trials and tribulations they put us through.

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  1. Hey, I’ve nominated you for The Best New Blog of 2013 in the 2014 Bloggies because I can’t help but ask myself all the time “Is everyone an idiot but me?”. I really hope you get the award and want everyone to vote for you on Sat 1st March at http://2014.bloggi.es 😉

  2. Okay, I want in the club.. Can I use my 16+ years experience waiting tables as certification on my application form? “Look lady, if you’re south of the Mason Dixon line and you order tea, it’s gonna have sugar in it.”

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  4. I am so very happy that you find my blog because now I have found yours! You are FUnny! and then there’s the whole sad but true part but for now I’ll just go with funNY!

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