Idiot of the Week Blog Hop

**The Idiot of the Week Blog Hop is currently on hiatus**


It seems like you can’t swing a purse these days without knocking over four idiots. So let’s all get together and laugh at them in the Idiot of the Week Blog Hop! You’ll have all week to decide on the biggest idiot in your life, write a hilarious tribute to him or her, and share it through the link-up between Thursday and Sunday. On Monday, I will announce the winner based on the post with the highest number of ‘Likes’.

Here are some ground rules:

1. Grab the badge below and include it in your post, or just link back to this post.

2. Share the link to your specific Idiot of the Week post (not your blog as a whole) through the link-up found at the bottom of my latest Idiot of the Week post.

3. Be sure to read/comment/like the other posts in the link up. Don’t be stingy with the ‘Likes’ just to win!

4. Remember that this is the internet so be judicious in your idiot-bashing.

Have fun!

7 thoughts on “Idiot of the Week Blog Hop

  1. What about idiot Facebook (or as I call it: FAKEBOOK) posts? Like, the people who post pictures of their injuries? (Like I want to see your 3rd degree burn – true story) or people who post every 3 seconds (Like i care you don’t want to go grocery shopping, had a bad day at work, or are “feeling meh”)

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